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1. Contract
a. Caravan Connect will only carry out servicing and repairs as agreed with the customer.  
b. Any additional work or repairs that are required will only be completed when agreed with the customer either verbally or in writing.  Where, during a service, a fault is found which is beyond the normal service schedule, the owner’s permission to repair or replace will be obtained before such work is carried out, an excess charge for the time and parts will be made.

2. Access  
a. To carry out servicing at your home, storage site or pitch, Caravan Connect requires that the caravan be accessible all the way around, with at least 1 metre of clearance, all anti theft devices (i.e., wheel clamps) are removed and that the inside of the caravan is completely empty, as all areas including cupboards (top and bottom) have to be accessible for inspection and damp testing. 

b.   It is ‘your’ responsibility to ensure that the Caravan/Motorhome/RV, if servicing at a storage compound, the storage company is aware that we will be carrying out services on your vehicle on the said date & time, otherwise the booked service charge plus call out fee will be applied.

3. Quotations 
a. All quotations shall be in writing and shall be valid for a period of 30 (thirty) days unless otherwise stated.
b. Verbal quotations are given as guidance only and as such are not binding.
a. All parts replaced will be made available for the customer to view. 
b. No parts will be replaced without the customer’s prior consent. 
c. Any parts used remain the property of Caravan Connect until paid for in full. 
d. Special order parts and the delivery charge shall be paid in full prior to ordering and are non refundable.
e. Stocked parts that are returned as “no longer required” must be in original packaging, unopened, unused and are subject to a 30% restocking fee.

5. Payment 
a. All work is to be paid for in full upon completion. 
b. Payment to be made by by VISA or Mastercard, bank transfer or cash.  Late   charges   will   apply   if   payment is not made within receipt time frame (typically 7 days - please see receipt for info). Failing the payment period of 14 days your details will past on to our Debt Collection Agent and further fees  may occur.

6. Warranty  
a. Caravan Connect offers its own 6    (six) month warranty on all work carried out with the exclusion of parts.
b. All parts used are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. The manufacturer must approve any warranty claims that require replacement parts before any repairs can be completed.
c. The service report acts only as a report at the time of the service and only on the condition of the vehicle, the report does not act as a guarantee nor does it offer as guarantee or warranty the condition of the vehicle for any period of time thereafter.
d. Any retro fitted additional items or items that are not fitted as standard, (I.e. Motor movers, Satellite Systems) are not included as part of a service.

7. Liability 
a. Caravan Connect will not be responsible for any items of value or personal possessions left in vehicles during service or repair; we politely request that customers remove all such items prior to the service or repair.
b. It is the responsibility of the person using the vehicle to check the following prior to every journey; 

1. Wheel nuts/bolts are tightened to the correct torque prior to every journey and within 20 miles after a wheel has been removed for any reason.
2. Tyre condition, tread depth and the correct inflation pressure prior to every journey.
3. Water systems are drained fully and all appliances/services are switched/turned off correctly prior to being disconnected.


8. Work

a.  Prior to work being carried out, a full visual inspection will be carried out internally and externally, with notes of any damage, stains etc. being recorded and photographed as necessary to ensure the protection of the owner and the engineer, the customers signature of agreement will be required.

b.   Servicing will be carried out to the highest standard to ensure the safety of the owner.

c.   All workmanship is warranted for six months providing NO unauthorised changes or modifications are made which affect the already completed work.

8.  Any variation to these terms must be made in writing.

9.  Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to affect your statutory rights and any arbitration will be under English law

Any questions regarding the terms and conditions please get in touch via our contact page.

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